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  • 02 July 2018

    THE SECRET OFFER for women only from “FLOARE-CARPET” SA. continues!

    THE SECRET OFFER from “FLOARE-CARPET” SA. continues!
    Visit our store between July 9th and July 15th and get a FREE mystery offer, which may contain:

    •  Exclusive discounts
    •  Women gifts
    •  Surprises for kids

     Those of you who already own a Floare-Carpet product know what are the TOP 7 BENEFITS of our carpets made from natural wool:

    •   Environmentally friendly
    •   Natural thermic insulator and soundproof
    •   Resistance to static electricity
    •   Dirt and stain resistant
    •   Extremely durable – lasting up to 50 years
    •   Excellent décor
    •   And a perfect present for your loved ones and friends

    Floare-Carpet is more than a brand, it’s a legend!
    Come and visit us at our store on 15 Gradina Botanica Street, Chisinau
    Store hours:
    9:00-18.00, Monday-Sunday
    Facebook: Floare-Carpet


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