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    The right carpet can do much more than cover your floors. It can be the foundation of a decorating plan, inspiring other ideas. Or, it can be selected to complement existing walls and furnishings. Above all, the carpet you choose should reflect your personality and bring comfort to your home.

    Shopping for flooring can be downright overwhelming, not to mention expensive.  When working with our seasoned flooring specialists, you can rest assured that you have a committed and professional resource to assist you in making a choice you will not regret.  Your satisfaction is our goal.

    Which Floare Carpet rug is right for your room? What size should you buy? How about patterns and colors? Or cleaning? What other questions should you ask? Don’t worry, we’ve got it all covered right here. Just hover over the rugs below to explore topics.

    When planning your “look”, it’s important to have a basic knowledge of how color, texture, and pattern can work. Although there are no absolute “rules” that govern these considerations, we can help narrow down your choices with practical design and decorating advice. Just click on one of the above tabs to learn more.

    Our Commitment

    We work very simply by “doing what we say and saying what we do.”  We pride ourselves in providing a great shopping experience and our highly-trained, knowledgeable staff helps to provide both product and installation education.  In fact, many of our customers are repeat customers or come through referrals from others who have found our experience so great.

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    Consider the preferred fiber type

    Carpets and rugs are available in 100% wool, wool and nylon blends and countless synthetic fibers. Wool keeps cold in summer and warm in winter - and is not necessarily more expensive. Of synthetic fibers, nylon painted in solution is the choice. It is generally resistant to fading and soft to the touch. Woolen carpets and rugs at international level counts for only 2% of the total carpet production. Wool carpets and rugs are soft, durable, warm and flame resistant. Wool resists to dirt, is resilient and may return to its shape.

    Why wool ?

    Wool is nature’s own high performance fibre, offering durability, warmth, flexibility and reliability. It has unique features that makes it the perfect choice for carpet. What is so special about wool and what sets wool apart?

    1. Wool is luxurious! A wool carpet is more appealing as it is a naturally delustered fibre with a soft feel both to the hand and underfoot. Wool helps to moderate temperature and humidity in the home and as such is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
    2. Wool lasts longer!  Wool is made up of millions of tiny springs, formed by the corkscrew shape of the crimp that is naturally set into the wool as it grows. Wool can withstand being stretched or compressed by as much as 30% of its length and still spring back to its original dimensions and shape.
    3. Wool is safe! For peace of mind, wool is naturally flame retardant & allergy friendly, acting as a natural filter to keep dust particles out of the breathing zone. Wool provides slip resistant cushioning for healthy posture.
    4. Wool is easy to maintain! As dirt particles make their way in to your carpet, they are caught by microscopic ridges that protect the outside of the wool. These ridges keep the dirt particles high on the pile where they can be easily removed by vacuuming.
    5. Wool is eco-friendly! The superior quality wool supplied to the carpet industry is sustainable, renewable, biodegradable and is the only widely available carpet fibre not derived from oil. Wool carpets can be recycled.

    Stay on the rug

    If members of your family want to relax on the floor, make sure to buy a dense and heavyweight carpet or rug. The heavier is one carpet, the higher the probability of having more threads, resulting in a higher quality.

    How long will the room be used? This must be considered because a very used room may not be the best place to install a white carpet or a very light hue.

    Will children play on the floor? Is it a formal or non-use room? Again, lighter colors create more need to maintenance,
    Is it a small room or a big room? Smaller rooms can be made to feel bigger by selecting a lighter colored carpet, while larger rooms can be made more outstanding by using a darker carpet.

    What are the lighting conditions in the room? Rooms with more natural light will show the true color of the carpet, while the rooms on the northern side of the house may need a lighter shade to prevent them from feeling darker than they are.

    What you need to know

    You should always remember to bring fabrics of curtains and furniture, wallpaper samples, and paint with you when you select the carpet. This way, you can consider a range of colors that will fit your existing décor. Remember that this color can also affect your spiritual state. Warmer colors make you feel energized, while darker tones give you a sense of calm.

    When considering the color, remember that lighting in the carpet store is not the same as the lighting conditions in the house. Ask your dealer if you can get a carpet sample at home.